The Future of Car Design

We are finally free from the constraints of the internal combustion engine!

With the advent of in-wheel motors and precise electronic controls, the requirement for transmissions, drive shafts and axles that must align through the center of the wheels has been eliminated.

With the “Drive by wire” approach, the suspension, steering, and propulsion can be accomplished by a single unit mounted on each corner of whatever platform we wish to adopt, and they can be controlled remotely with no need for mechanical connections such as steering columns, differentials, and axles.

Batteries can be placed anywhere, even using them to make necessary objects such as the flooring and interior panels, and even the seats and dash! They can be formed into nearly anything, and need only wires to connect them to the drive system. The can be easily distributed as there are no massive complex items interlocked by heavy metal shafts required…

The Skateboard

The possibilities are endless. What would your ideal vehicle layout look like?

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Gas guzzlers of the 1970s

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Hello world!

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