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In order for us to provide you with accurate pricing and compatibility for parts, we need specific information about your vehicle.

jdm chassis vin frame number code plate

jdm chassis vin frame number code plate

We're looking for information from your vehicles "Caution Plate" which is normally located on the upper left hand corner of the firewall in your JDM vehicle's engine bay. It may be blue or silver. On mid-engine vans like the Delica it's found inside the cabin, typically on the door frame or in the footwell.

Eg: Nissan Motor Co Ltd Japan

Eg: S13JFTWX52

Eg: CA18(DET) 1809

Eg: S13-131411

Your chassis code is absolutely required. Go out and look for this stamped on your vehicle if you don't know it.

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Please be as specific as possible in your part descriptions. If you know the OEM part numbers please include them.

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