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Ferrari 348 TB (Lefthand drive) For Sale

Stock #:T20067
Mileage:Only 28,000 Kilometers
Exterior Color:Ferrari Red
Interior Color:Leather
Engine:3.4L V8
Vehicle Type:Exotic Car
Location:In Japan - Dealer
Availability:Sold * Vehicle is no longer available
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  • 28,000 km's
  • No major accident history
  • Elegance exhaust
  • Power steering
  • Power windows
  • Air conditioning
  • Leather seats
  • ABS Brakes
  • 17" Factory wheels


Additional details can be requested

Horsepower: 300.0 bhp @ 7000 rpm
Torque: 229.0 ft lbs @ 4000 rpm
Redline: 7500 rpm
Topspeed: 171 mph
Engine layout: Mid Engine / RWD

Ferrari 348 tb & ts Car Guide

On its introduction in 1989, the 348 replaced Ferrari's most popular models ever the 308 / 328 lineage stretching way back to 1975. Like those cars, the 348 is fast becoming a favourite for first time Ferrari owners, its sultry lines, high standard of build quality and exceptional performance making it an ideal choice. In production for just over five years between 1989 and '95, the 348 was built in berlinetta, targa and spider body styles whilst a number of limited edition versions were also made. These included the US-market only Serie Speciale and the GT Competizione, a factory homologation special.

Produced in order to allow Michelotto-prepared cars into the GT3 class of international endurance racing, 348's experienced some notable success against Porsche's mighty 911 RSR's. By the time production came to an end in 1995, over 9000 348's had been completed in various guises making it one of the most commercially successful models in Ferrari's history. The chassis was a fundamental departure from its V8-engined predecessors, earlier 308 and 328 models having used tubular steel chassis's the likes of which had been standard fare for many years. Instead, the 348 featured a pressed steel chassis with tubular engine sub frame and was also the first Ferrari to universally comply with global crash testing regulations. Engine-wise, the mid-mounted location followed a tradition begun in 1967 (with the Dino 206 GT) for all smaller capacity production Ferrari's to feature this competition inspired layout. However, unlike the Dino's, 308's and 328's, the 348 had its dry sumped Tipo F119D 3.4-litre V8 engine positioned longitudinally a'la Ferrari's 288 GTO and their legendary F40.

A development of the 90 V8 seen in Ferrari's 328, displacement was upped to 3405cc thanks to a bore and stroke of 85 x 75mm respectively. Output was also increased with 300bhp now on tap at 7200rpm, compression being set at 10.4:1 and Bosch Motronic M2.5 fuel injection controlling both cylinder banks. A transverse gearbox (hence the lower case t in the nomenclature) was mounted onto the rear of the engine, immediately eliminating any rear end luggage room although this was compensated for with extra space beneath the front lid. Performance figures were impressive with zero to sixty taking just 5.5 seconds, the top speed rising to over 165mph - enough to keep Ferrari's junior supercar crown away from Honda's NSX. Continuing a special partnership between Pininfarina and Ferrari that had spanned over thirty years, the 348's body and interior were once again created by this famous Turinese styling house. The outside was clearly influenced by the five year old Testarossa, most obviously those straked engine cooling ducts and full width rear grilles covering the tail lights.

An extremely pretty design, the 348 featured all-steel body panels except for its aluminium bonnet and boot, GRP having been used for the bumper panels front and back. As with the 246, 308 and 328, the 348 was available in closed berlinetta form (tb) or to a targa topped spider specification (ts). Meanwhile, although the 348's interior inherited a family resemblance to other Ferrari's of the period, it was a totally new and pleasantly understated design. The options list was limited to metallic paint and a set of leather fitted luggage crafted by the well-known Italian firm Schedoni. Given its debut at the Frankfurt Salon during September 1989 to much acclaim from the press and public alike, orders for 348's came flooding in from dealers, enthusiasts and speculators the world over. Subsequently, a few minor variations were made during production, these including different shock absorbers and mounting points, relocated batteries and revised fuel injector systems (Bosch Motronic M2.7 from late 1990). Both tb and ts models were replaced by the GTB and GTS versions from late 1993. 


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