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Austin Mini For Sale

Stock #:t23851
Mileage:Only 37,170 Kilometers
Exterior Color:Blue
Interior Color:Grey Cloth
Location:In Japan - Public

Total Landed Cost:$9,090 CDN.

* Total Landed Cost includes everything required to have this vehicle exported from Japan, imported to Canada, and the fees required for inspection and registration within the Greater Vancouver area of BC. For other provinces, please inquire for a customized quote.

Detailed breakdown of our Total Landed Cost.

1986 Austin Mini Specifications

Public Japanese Vehicle

This Austin Mini is up for bidding very soon through Yahoo Japan Auctions. We are able to have Mechanic Inspections arranged on most Yahoo Auction vehicles for a one time fee of $300. The Auction end date is specified in the description of the vehicle above.

When your ideal vehicle becomes available, it’s an exhilarating feeling. There are several steps we must take in order to successfully inspect, bid, purchase, and import your vehicle. If this if your first time bidding on a Yahoo Auction vehicle please pay very close attention to these steps.

Step 1: Create an Account in our Support System

To keep our inquires organized we require you to Register your Account.

Step 2: Do you want an Inspection?

Unlike the Japanese Auction Houses which are controlled by a governing body, anyone can sell a vehicle through Yahoo Japan Auctions. This means there are no repercussions if the Seller misleads the Buyers. Placing a blind bid on any car no matter how good the pictures or description looks is a recipe for disaster.

The Inspector will provide you with a full overview of the condition of the vehicle. If possible, they will include 50-100 pictures. Unlike the Auction House inspections, this type of inspection is very resource intensive and requires an upfront payment of $300 to cover the costs involved. Details of what the inspection offers you can be found here.

On most Yahoo Auction Vehicles we can have a Mechanic travel to the sellers location to view the vehicle in person prior to bidding. We highly recommend against bidding on a vehicle if we can't have an agent view the vehicle in person.

Click here for more information on how to Purchase an Inspection.

Step 3: Submit a ticket to “Place an Auction Bid”

Login into our Support System then choose the option to Submit a ticket
There will be multiple options available, choose the department “Place an Auction Bid”.

  • Please include any specific questions you may have for the agent/ inspector about this vehicle and they will be answered to the best of their ability.
  • To determine your Maximum bid, enter the amount in Canadian dollars that you would pay to have this vehicle imported to your city, including taxes for your province and in-Canada shipping to a major city in your province.Your maximum bid is the Total Landed Cost you want to pay for this vehicle. We will work *backwards* from your "all included" Canadian budget to determine how much you can afford to bid in Yen on the vehicle.
  • With Yahoo Auction vehicles we post recommended price ranges, as seen above, however you are free to bid what you want.
  • Please specify a detailed Subject in the ticket. For example: "Bid: Mazda RX-7 - Yahoo Auction"
 Login     Email: Password:

Step 4: Have you paid for your Inspection?

Making payment for your inspection is easy and can be done 24hrs a day. Purchase an Inspection on this Vehicle. After completing your purchase, please update your ticket to let us know.

Step 5: Wait for the results

When we place a request for an auction vehicles inspection we cannot guarantee an inspection on your auction vehicle will be possible. There are many contributing factors that can affect the availability of an inspection, from the timing of the auctions end date, to the seller being located in a remote area of Japan that in unlogistical to reach for our inspectors. We have a success rate of 80-90% when arranging inspections for requests submitted within the given timeframes.

Step 6: The Results are in!

This is the point where we find out the true condition of the vehicle of interest.

Once the results are in, we’ll contact you and discuss placing a bid on the vehicle. At this point your maximum bid can be adjusted acording to the condition of the vehicle or you can choose to PASS on a car if it doesn't meet your needs.

Step 7: Authorizing your Bid

If the results of the inspection are to your satisfaction, we will place a bid on your behalf and you are one step closer to the purchase of your ideal imported vehicle. In some cases a deal can be negotiated with the seller before the auction end date.

Step 8: Success!

Your bid is sufficient to purchase your vehicle. We will email you a purchase agreement the following day and you will have 4 days to make the initial purchase payment.


If your bid was unsuccessful, or the vehicle was not up to your standards, we will continue the search until we find another suitable candidate. Your auction deposit is transferable to any vehicle you want to bid on until you purchase or ask for it to be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read through our FAQ section where you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about importing a Japanese vehicle to Canada.