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JDM 1988 Caterham Super 7 BDR import 1988 Caterham Super 7 BDR picture
1988 Caterham Super 7 BDR picture

Caterham Super 7 BDR For Sale

Stock #:T210180
Mileage:Only 34,000 Kilometers
Exterior Color:Aluminum/Green
Interior Color:Black
Engine:1600CC 4cyl BDR Cosworth engine
Vehicle Type:Sports Car
Location:In Japan - Dealer


  • Inspection Available
  • More Details Available
  • More Pictures Available
  • No Major Accident History
  • Alloy Wheels


This Caterham Super 7 has been blessed with a Cosworth Twin Cam engine. This is the Cosworth powered Caterham, a match made in heaven. 


Estimate # : T210180

How Much Does This Vehicle Cost?

The Japanese seller's price for this vehicle is 2,475,000 YEN. ($35,520 CAD vehicle cost)

Value Description

$35,520 CAD Vehicle Cost :
What's included in the Vehicle Cost?
- This is the sale price of the vehicle from the Japanese seller.
- Your purchased Vehicle cost is always paid in Japanese Yen.
- The Canadian Dollar (CAD) vehicle cost value is calculated based on the Bank of Canada's "cash exchange rate" for today.
- The exchange rate today is 1 YEN = 0.01407000 CAD
* Exchange rates may fluctuate from the time of your inquiry to the time of payment.

$3,171 CAD Exportation Estimate :
What's included in Exportation costs:?
- Marine Insurance Cost
- Container Packing Cost
- Ocean Freight Cost
- Export Agent Fee
- Shipping Agent Fee
- Inland Transport Cost

$5,397 CAD Importation Estimate :
What's included in Importation costs?
- 6.1% Duty on Vehicle FOB ($2,167)
- 5.0% GST on Vehicle FOB ($2,000)
- Air Conditioning Excise Tax
- CBSA Inspection Cost
- Port Fees
- Documentation Fee
- Demurrage Cost
- Container Drayage Cost
- Container De-stuffing Cost
- Empty Container Transport Cost
- Canadian Shipping Agent Admin Fee
- Customs Clearance Cost

$1,000 CAD Our Service Fee:
What's included in our Service Fee?
This is our service fee for brokering this vehicle for you. We charge a flat fee for importing any vehicle you choose. Why import a vehicle through Terra2?

$45,088 CAD Landed Vehicle Estimate Total :

December 11, 2008 Payment Due Date :

Are there any additional costs?

$2,880 CAD Additional Estimated Expenses for BC :
What's included in the Additional Expenses?

Additional expenses are not included in the Landed Vehicle Estimate Total and are not required in your purchase. These costs aren't involved in the importation of your vehicle, but are required to complete your vehicle's registration.

Expenses vary from vehicle to vehicle, province to province, and your servicing options.

We have estimated the additional expenses required for BC clients below. However selecting your province below, then clicking "Update Estimates" will give you a customized estimate for your location.

Additional expenses include, but are not limited to:
- 7% PST on FOB vehicle cost ($2,720) paid to your insurance broker at the time of registration. (The same as when you buy any vehicle)
- Fuel
- Provincial Safety Inspection Fee
- Registration Assistance Included

Not included in estimated expenses:
- Driver insurance costs, this is driver dependant
- Parts and labour to pass the Provincial Safety Inspection, if required
- Compliance parts and labour, if required, unless specified otherwise

Re-adjust estimate for your province :

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Japanese Dealer Vehicle

This Caterham Super 7 BDR is located at a dealership in Japan that we have access to.

An inspection is available!!

Japanese Dealership Inspection: $300 CDN Payment Required

We are able to offer a pre-purchase inspection on some of the vehicles we have access to. This vehicle qualifies for our 3rd party inspection. The cost is $300 CAD on top of the price of the car, and it is done prior to the purchase of the car so that you have a better idea as to what you would be getting.

You'll want to read up on exactly what's involved in a Japanese Dealership Vehicle Inspection before you make this payment.

We accept PayPal for the $300 inspection payment:

payment methods

Secure Transaction
How PayPal Works

After completing your Inspection Payment:

After completing your PayPal transfer, please reply back to your latest open inquiry or create a new support inquiry letting us know which vehicle your would like to order the inspection on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read through our FAQ section where you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about importing a Japanese vehicle to Canada.

Why request an inspection on this car?

Pre-purchase Inspections Explained

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